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Аренда теплохода в Москве от собственника

Project P-051 “Москва”
Type “Москва” – comfortable two-decker passenger river boat, designed for cruises and excursions. Lower deck made as closed passenger saloon with panoramic windows and interior of modern design; vast covered upper deck is equipped with comfy furniture. Passenger-carrying capacity – up to 150 people
150 человек
фуршет 2000 р./чел.
аренда от 5500 р.
банкет 2500 р./чел.
Project 82500 type Moyka (The Capital)
A small river boat of the type of "Capital" is mainly for sightseeing tours and river trips. Panoramic windows together with a glass roof provides maximum visibility. Passenger capacity: up to 50 people.
Project 331 "Ivan Kalita"
Ship "Ivan Kalita" is a double deck passenger vessel built in Veliky Ustyug shipyard. In 2009 the ship was fully modernized and equipped with modern communication systems and security. The lower deck is a luxurious banquet room with panoramic windows and a saloon with a fireplace. Upper deck covered with awening equipped with chairs and loungers for relaxing.
Project 544 "Moskvich"
A series of cruisers designed for the river passenger traffic for short distances. Passenger capacity - 45 people.
Project 23020 "Stolichny"
Modern ship "Stolichny" has unique advantages: enclosed cabin provides safety and comfort in any weather, and sliding panoramic windows allow you to enjoy maximum visibility. The interior of the ship is equipped with stationary armchairs and tables. Passenger capacity: up to 90 people.
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